EC information Malmo

Post Date: 3/01/2024

EC information Malmo

EC event:  Malmo, Sweden.  Sept. 23 - 28, 2024:

The 'Stage 1 Report' for the EC event has been on the EFRA website since November.  On the EFRA website, go to LATEST NEWS.

The Furulund Club will also be running their Euro Buggy Masters event at the same venue 23 - 25 February.


Tyres for the EC event :

The host Club has now confirmed the 'controlled' tyres for the event will be Schumacher tyres and inserts :-

   2WD Front  --  Not controlled (but recommended)  --  U6770 Cut Stagger Yellow or U6901 Fusion Slim Yellow.
   2WD Rear  --   Controlled    U6838 Cactus Yellow        U6734 Insert Medium.
   4WD Front  --  Controlled     U6895 Cactus Fusion 2 Yellow    U6733 Insert Medium.
   4WD Rear   --  Controlled     U6838 Cactus Yellow                   U6734 Insert Medium.

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