Belgian Championship 2015 Round 1, Bierset 26/4/2015

D’Hondt & Sanza win at Belgian Nitro On-road opener

D'Hondt & Sanza win at Belgian Nitro On-road opener

The first round of the Belgian 1/8th and 1/10th Nitro On-road Championship was held at the track of Bierset. The qualifiers and finals were run in difficult track conditions due to rain in the morning and early afternoon. In the 1/8th class Robin D’Hondt took the pole with his new BMT. He confirmed his good performance in the dry final where he found himself in last position at first, following a crash in the first corner. With smooth but fast driving Robin moved his way up into the lead again before the first pit stop and he then maintained a high pace to take the win. Local young talent Augustin Mejor (Mugen), in his first year in the 1/8th class, demonstrated his skills and ended the main final in 2nd position. Hugues Yerna (Capricorn) completed the podium in 3rd.