Belgian Championship round 4 Roeselare

The 4th and last race of our Belgian Nats had again superb weather, how lucky we are.
The fun begun at RCR Roeselare Saturday evening with a fantastic BBC, thanks guys.
This was the last race for the Nationals on the current track, next year the club moves to a new location.
With regrets we say goodbye to this fine track.
Almost all the 1/10 drivers were present
Ludovic was again top in the qualifs, Michael, Eric and also Cristophe Pleger, coming back from 1/8 to 1/10,
performed very well.
Olivier and Cedric needed the ½ finals to bump up to the main final.
Michael was the fastest man in the race but had to retire with problems, Cristophe then lead the race for some time
but had to let the win to Ludovic , 2nd win in a row followed by Olivier.
Congrats Ludovic

Almost all top drivers where present.
Only Robin was able to do 22 laps in qualifying, close together followed by Daan, Gunther and Augustin.
The semis were won by Nico and Yves, Renaud – Cristophe – Bert Poesen and local youngster Ian Bekaert filles up
the final.
Our European Champion Robin was outstanding in the final. Also Gunther and Daan had a good pace.
But then problems took out 6 drivers, leaving Gunther leading with 6 laps to the Finish.
Bert Poesen came in 2nd after a very consistent weekend followed by Renaud Velkeneers and local hero Cristophe
Congrats Gunther