GP MRG GENK 15-16 juni 2013


Belgium Nitro on-road Nationals - Round 2:

Last weekend the second Belgian Grand Prix took place at the new MRG track in Genk. With a sunny forecast, the race was well attend.

The track lay-out is fast and with the 5 minute qualification system, fuel management was crucial for a good result.

After 3 rounds of qualification the 4 direct finalist where John Lenaers (Mugen) on pole, followed by Daan Haling (Motonica). 3rd place was for Yarmishyan Alexy (Capricorn) and the 4th  stake for Dewynants Cédric (Capricorn). With only a few seconds between the 4 drivers, it would promise to be a very interesting race.

After the Lunch break, two semi finals where driven.

Victory in Semi final B was for Poesen Bert, who drove a steady final and was very closely followed by Vandonck Erwin. Only a gap of half a second was between these drivers after a 15 minute race. Third place was for Van Calster Danny.

Semi final A was won by Dutchmen Frank Baggen, who cruised easy to victory, followed by Pollet Michel and Machon Gert.

At the start of the final, Pole-man John Lenaers took the lead, followed closely by young Daan Haling  and Yarmishyan Alexy.  John lap by lap increased the gap between him and Daan with a few tens of a second. At the 15 minute marker, the gap was almost one Lap. 

Frank Baggen was coming on strong as he is known to be a very steady driver, taking the 4rd place from Cédric and on his way to Alexy for the 3rd place.

At the 20 minute marker, Daan Haaling sufford some engine problems and was pulled back into the field to a 5th place.   

At the final minutes of the race, Frank Baggen overtook Alexy for the second place as he hit some problems with overtaking.

In the Meantime, Pole-man John Lenaers cruised to the victory, leading with 4 laps.